Don’t Get Too Comfortable

The truth is that I really love all aspects of life. I love how no one person is the same; I love nature and all it has to offer; I love new experieces and new places. I’m by default an optimistic person. I treat people with love and respect, just how I want to be treated. I’m a hard worker and will help anyone where ever I can. I do these things and behave the way I do because thats what I believe in. Yelp, almost like a fairy tale right? I’m not trying to impress or look good for anyone. This is just me. I love sleeping with a clear conscious. I’m able to truely love others because I love myself. “Where is he going with this?” I’ll tell you.

To my ex girlfriend,

I loved you (still do). I loved your three kids. I loved your family and I could feel the love from them from the way the boys embraced me when they saw me. In the beginning I could feel the love from you.  After awhile I wasn’t feeling the love from you. You use to make time for us, then it went to me hardly seeing you. We went from talking on the phone at night for hours to you not even answering the phone. When we were together you slept or watched TV with very little intimacy. It’s weird like that, like how you always had time for your buddy none for me. So what happened? Why was you surprised, better yet upset when you woke up and i had all your stuff packed waiting by the door? Why did I come to this decision? The work effort changed. I worked to provide, worked to make sure you and the kids felt loved, and man was I working. I started to look at your work because I was not feeling the love. Baby you went from 100 to 0 real quick in relationship efforts.You got too comfortable and forgot (or didn’t know) that no matter how much I love you, I love myself also.

To everyone else,

I will show you love and repect. If anything tampers with my love for myself it drains on my ability to love others. I won’t let that happen though…..

I simply love myself too much.